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Chartered Accounting



  • Ordinary and simplified accounting reports
  • Consultancy and assistance for the correct interpretation and application of corporate and fiscal regulations
  • Consultancy on fiscal matters for individuals, companies and incorporated groups in terms of earnings taxes, value-added tax (VAT) and other indirect taxes
  • Fiscal planning for companies, businesses, autonomous workers and private individuals
  • Consultancy and assistance in the startup phase of business activity
  • Consultancy and assistance in setting up businesses (individual, collective, and limited partnership) and corporations (limited responsibility, share-based and share partnership)
  • Consultancy and assistance for completing and transmitting on-line fiscal declarations and fiscal communications
  • Assistance in the ordinary reporting between contributor and the Financial Administration
  • Consultancy and assistance budgeting and drawing up of company and consolidated balance sheets

Finantial Back Office

  • Cost Reduction Planning
  • Routines Implamentation, execution and management
  • Consultancy and assistance in planning and carrying out business re-organizations and restructurings procedures
  • Preparation of accounting and fiscal due diligence and preventive analyses of patrimonial, economic and financial data
  • Consultancy and assistance in preparing arrangements with creditors and reports and evaluations

Fiscal Control

  • We have developed special competency in advising, assisting and representing taxpayers in corporate fiscal controversies and Income tax.
    Furthermore, Defensor has strategic partnerships with experienced law firms and, as a result, can offer the following services:
  • Advice and consultancy with the control and inspection agencies at all levels.
  • Tax reduction planning and tax obligation management
  • Representation in tax matters with the Receita Federal, state and municipal inspection bodies